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Centralia Is a borough in Cloumbia County, Pennsylvania. It is essentially a ghost town and is known as the real "Silent Hill". In 1962, Hell on earth became a reality when a fire started in a mine beneath the town, and ultimately led to the town becoming almost abandoned. This fire is still burning and will continue to burn for the next 1000 years. Centrailia's population has dwindled from from over 1000 residents to somewhere around 10.

Every sound on this library was recorded on location. Hundreds of hours of environmental sounds were brought back to our studio and edited to capture the real ambience of this ghost town. During the recording, we encountered some strange sounds that were picked up in the mines and other areas. I still can't explain things that we heard but they are used in this library. Due to the natural low end of the coal mines and caves ambience, a subwoofer is suggested but not necessary for the playback of this library.

Welcome To Centrailia