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Custom Work

Sound is the most important element of any production! People will notice bad sound over anything else. The right soundtrack alone can bring a new level of terror and excitement to your attraction. Over the past ten years, haunted attraction owners have been coming to us with the same story of how there are lots of music and sound effects that can be purchased on the internet but they never quite fit the scene or props just right wich in tern lessens their experience. With our custom sound design service, you can now have your customers feel like they are in the middle of a Holllywood film production. 

All of our custom orders are unique to your attraction. We never rehash the same sounds and sell them to other attractions. There are no royalities to pay and no advertisements to hang in your attraction. You own the sounds!


Custom Audio Samples

(30 Second Samples)

Queue-Line Audio for Paranoia Haunted House

Baby Crying Animatronic

Queue-Line Audio for Morbid Circus

Man Hanging on Chains Animatronic

Queue Line Audio for The Dark Rows Corn Maze

Commercial for Steel Key Escape Room

Phone Message for Omnious Haunted House

Growling Dog Prop

Sound Library Samples

(30 Second Samples)

centrailcover copy 2.jpg
Clown Town Of Terror copy.jpg
Rites of Cover 2014 copy 3.jpg
The Great Escape Album Cover copy.png
Morbid Circus copy 2.jpg
infected 2014 cover  copy.jpg
Rolling Hills Asylum  copy.jpg
Lost Souls copy.jpg
Penumbracover copy.jpg
Haunted FX copy.jpg
My9d-Fkd copy.jpg
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