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About Us

Sound is the most important element of any production! People will notice bad sound over anything else. The right soundtrack alone can bring a new level of terror and excitement to your attraction.

Audio Zombie has been creating custom music, sound effects and atmospheric soundtracks for the haunted attraction and horror film industry for the past 15 years. You can hear our "one of a kind " work  pouring out of sound systems everywhere from small, start up haunts to some of the biggest and well known entertainment attractions, film, television productions and music acts in the world. 

Custom Audio

With attention to detail, we understand how to design the sound around your animatronics, scene and actors. We understand the importance of the music "gluing" everything together but not out shadowing your production. When the sound needs to be the focus and main part of your scene or prop, we understand  how to bring that to the foreground and make it massive.

Sound Libraries

In addition to our custom sound design services, we also create a full line of theme based sound libraries and ringtones. Our sound libraries are shipped on our Zombie StickDrive.

Our sound libraries are also found in many halloween themed retail stores and haunted attraction gift shops.

We also offer wholesale pricing on sound libraries for retail stores and attraction gift shops.

Please CONTACT US to discuss your wholesale order.

Custom Sounds For 

Haunted Attractions
Theme Parks
Ghost Tours
Hay Ride
Corn Mazes
Family Fun Centers / Amusement Parks
Film and Television
Video Games / Audio Books
Websites / Phone Messages
Radio Spots
Role Playing Events

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